What is Synala

Synala is a free, open sourced PHP system that you install on your server, enabling you to easily and securely accept Bitcoin payments online. No more need to signup for a merchant service like BitPay, as Synala allows you to easily become your own payment processor, with absolutely no fees, while you remain in 100% control over your own funds.

Fully supports multiple BIP32 wallets, multisignature transactions, offline signing, user registration, products, invoices, and more. No private keys are stored online at any time, making your funds just as secure as cold / offline storage. Synala also integrates with our Offline Signer, a Python desktop applicaton that allows for the secure offline signing of transactions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What wallet structure is used?
Synala uses BIP32 wallets of any configuration you would like. You can use standard addresses where only 1 private key is required to send funds, or you can use m-of-n multisignature addresses where multiple private keys are required to send funds.

How secure are incoming funds?
Synala never stores any private keys anywhere, so all incoming funds are just as secure as cold / offline storage. While Synala does allow the convenience of online signing, it also fully integrates with our Offline Signer, so your private keys never need to touch the internet, keeping all funds virtually 100% secure.

How do people send me funds?
There is a payment page available on the public site that comes with Synala. Users are required to register for an account in order to send funds, although registration can be as simple as an e-mail address and desired password. You can define the amount, product, or invoice within the payment URL, otherwise the user will be requested to define how much they want to send (in fiat or BTC). A new payment address is then generated and displayed to the user, including the exact amount in BTC owed. Once the funds are sent, the user will receive confirmation within seconds in real-time.

Can I execute additional PHP code?
Yes, a hook system is available that allows you to execute additional PHP code when certain actions occur, such as a new deposit being received, product purchased, invoice paid, user registration, and so on. For full instructions, please consult the User Manual.


Online Demo

You may view an online demo of Synala by clicking on one of the below links:

Synala Administration Panel

Online Payment Form


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