Envrin Secure Wallet

Envrin Secure Wallet

Envrin Secure Wallet

Need a high quality, professional, and secure software solution to launch your own online web wallet / exchange operation? Envrin Web Wallet has been developed from the ground up utilizing the latest in wallet and bitcoin related technology to provide both, you and your users with the best and most secure experience possible.

Featuring BIP32 HD wallets, full multi-signature functionality, altcoin support, SMS authentication & notifications, multiple coin accounts, sub-accounts, friends list, delayed sends, buy / sell coins features, instant vs. manual site signing, complete tracking and auditing tools, and much more, you can rest assured knowing your operation is on the cutting edge of technology.

Security for us is paramount, which is why no funds, private keys, or wallet passwords are stored anywhere within the software, making it virtually impossible for attackers to steal any funds. With full multi-signature functionality, plus using SSSS and strong encryption via AES256, and other optional features such as a friends list, instant vs. manual site signing, and SMS authorization, you can rest assured that your user's funds are safe.

Envrin Secure Wallet

Feature List

BIP32 Hierarchial Wallets
Provide you and your users with the greatest experience possible, utilizing the latest in wallet technology. The wallets allow your users to easily control all aspects of their account, plus additional features such as sub-accounts (eg. for employees / departments), friend lists, multiple accounts and currencies, and more.

Full multi-signature functionality, providing highly enhanced security, helping ensure all funds are always safe. All outgoing transactions must be signed by both, the site and user, so even if an attacker manages to compromise one or the other, they will not have access to any funds.

Instant vs. Manual Site Signing
Optionally allow users to choose whether the site signs their transactions instantly or manually. If instantly, transactions are signed using a private key that resides online, hence susceptible to attackers. If manually, you as site admin must manually enter the offline private key to sign them, making them inherently more secure.

Everything On-Chain
All transactions are on-chain, and locked to the user's private key, which is not stored anywhere online. This provides you and your users with the inherent security that comes with the blockchain, confirmations, and entire P2P network. Not to mention, almost limitless backups of user funds, since all transactions happen on-chain, hence are available via the public ledger.

Altcoin Support
Full support for altcoins is provided, allowing you to easily activate / deactivate any currencies you would like. Users can easily generate new addresses for any of the currencies, and manage multiple balances and currencies from their one user account.

Multiple Accounts
Allow users to create multiple accounts of the same currency with ease. For example, they may have three BTC accounts, and two LTC accounts. Optionally, each account can have separate user-defined security restrictions, allowing users to for example, have a daily spending account and a more secured savings account.

Friends List
Allow users to define a friends list, enhancing the security of the multi-signature functionality even more. Users can define a list of friends, and upon creating an additional account state the number of additional signatures required. When a send is initiated from that account, all friends will be e-mailed with a unique URL they can visit to authorize the send. No sends can be processed unless enough friends have signed it, providing maximum security.

Excellent for users who have employees, departments, or family members for who they want to have their own account, while retaining master control over all f
unds. Sub-accounts receive their own fully functional account to the client area, but at the same time, the owner can easily view and manage funds of their sub-accounts as well.

Send to SMS / E-Mail
Users can easily send funds to e-mail addresses or SMS numbers. The recipient will receive a message containing a URL allowing them to easily claim their funds, making it possible to easily send BTC to anyone in the world!

Envrin Web Wallet

Base System

Apex is our open source software platform that was initially released in fall of 2019 after two years of tireless work, and powers all Envrin software solutions. Not only does Apex allow us to provide you with quality, robust, secure, scalable software solutions that meed your specific needs, but since it's also open source and fully documented, you gain peace of mind knowing that you are not fully dependant on Envrin Group. If ever necessary, you can easily have other developers modify and maintain your software system for you without hassle.

Utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies including redis, horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, dependency injection, web sockets, Composer, PSR compliance, and much more, you can rest assured knowing that your online operation is at the forefront of current software technologies. Please check out Apex, give it an install yourself, and check out the code base if desired.

Visit Apex Software Platform Site

Base Features
  • Multiple Administrators -- Crate multiple administrators, each of which may have access to different menus and a customized dashboard.
  • Customizable Dashboards -- Customize the dashboard you see upon logging into the admin panel with the various widgets and items available.
  • E-Mail Notifications -- Easily define and personalize any number of e-mail notifications that are automatically sen when various actions occur.
  • Security -- Supports 2FA via both e-mail and SMS, plus the ability to move the admin panel behind a private VPN for greater security.
  • Instant Upgrades -- Instantly have your system upgrqades to the latest version within seconds without hassle.
  • Theme Management -- Easily have any theme off ThemeForest integrated into Apex without hassle.

User Management
  • User Groups -- Define multiple user groups, each with different permissions, member areas, limits, fees, etc.
  • Customizable Profiles --Define the exact profile information you would like to obtain and store on users.
  • E-Mail / Phone Verification -- Either required or optional verification of both, e-mail address and/or phone number.
  • b>2FA Options -- Allow users the ability to choose whether to activate 2FA for their e-mail address and/or phone, and whether to require 2FA for every login or only when a new device is detected
  • Easy Management -- Efficiently manage all aspects of user's accounts via easy to navigate tab controls that are customized to your specific system.
  • KYC / AML -- Optionaly KYC / AML verification functionality. Define multiple verification levels with different requirements, fees, deposit / withdrawal limits, etc.
  • Communication -- Easily and instantly broadcast an e-mail, SMS message, or in browser alert to all users within the system from the administration panel.
  • Login Notices -- Define login notices that are shown upon each user's next login. If needed, require users accept the new notice / terms / conditions before being able to proceed.
  • Forgot Password -- Allow users to easily reset their password if they ever forget it.

Transaction and Payment Processing.
  • Multiple Currencies -- Fully supports multiple currencies, allowing you to define the various fiat currencies you would like to offer uers. Automatic exchange rates via the popular OpenExchange API.
  • MultiTransaction Accounts -- Allows users to create and manage multiple transaction accounts for either, different currencies and/or purposes. Resmelbes online banking, allowing you to manage your multiple bank accounts.
  • Batch Processing -- Easily and instantly batch process pending transactions and either approve / decline them en masse.
  • Payment Processing -- Supports many popular payment processors including PayPal, Stripe, AuthorizeNet, and others. Easily have additional payment processors integrated with minimal effort, plus define your own custom processors as desired.
  • Streamlined Processing -- Both deposits and withdrawals are made as efficient and easy-to-use as possible, regardless if confirmation details are required to be specified by the user / administrator, depending on the payment processor being used. For example, Western Union payments will require the sender to complete a customized form with MTCN#, sender name and country, etc., which can then be easily viewed by the receiver.
  • Reconciliation and Reporting -- Detailed reporting and reconciliation functionality allowing you to easily scan transactions, view weekly / monthly / quarterly reports, view company liquidity, and more.

Support Ticketing
  • Support Tickets -- Allow both the public and users to submit and manage support tickets from the public web site and member's area. Administration can easily view, manage and reply to support tickets from within the administration panel.
  • User-to-User Messages -- Optionally, allow users to send private messages to each other, and view alerts / notifications within their inbo.
  • E-Mail Piping -- Have an e-mail address such as support@yourdomain.com, and have all incoming e-mail to it filter into the support ticketing system. Opens new tickets on the appropriate user if the sender e-mail is a registered user, or a new public ticket otherwise. Also handles replies, and adds any replies to the correct support ticket.
Envrin Secure Wallet

Online Demo

Please visit the below links to view an online demo of the Envrin Secure Wallet:

Administration Panel

Member / Client Area

Member Registration

Envrin Secure Wallet

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License + Installation and Server Setup & Configuration ($1595 $895)
Recommended. Instantly receive a client account, with full license of the Envrin Secure Wallet, which we will then install on your server for you. We will configure and harden your server for security purposes, helping ensure the security of your operation.

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