Offline Signer

Offline Signer

What is Offline Signer

Our Offline Signer is a Python desktop application that fully integrates with Synala, and allows for the secure offline signing of transactions. This ensure your BIP32 private keys never touch the internet, helping ensure the security of your funds.

The Offline Signer supports siging transactions in batches, or just a single transaction at a time. It also supports the generation of BIP32 master keys, multisignature transactions, and more. It's also developed for easy integration with any existing online system that handles Bitcoin payments, allowing you to securely sign your transactions offline.

If you're a developer or server admistrator who wants to integrate the Offline Signer with their system, please view full details within the GitHub Repository. You can easily offer offline signing to your users by simply developing two small features -- one that generates a JSON file of unsigned transactions, and another that receives a JSON file of fully signed transactions ready to be broadcasted.

Offline Signer

Download Now

You may download the Offline Signer, or view the Github repository by clicking the desired link below.

Download Offline Signer (LINUX 64bit)

Download Offline Signer (LINUX 32bit)

Download Offline Signer (Windows)

GitHub Repository

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