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Welcome to Envrin Group, your professional software development company specializing in bitcoin and blockchain related software. Quality orientated and technology driven, give your business an edge by going with the true professionals.

Our Software

Synala (FREE)

Our free, open source software software solution allowing you to easily accept bitcoin payments on your server, with no fees, and while remaining 100% in control of your funds.

Self Hosted

Open Sourced on Github

Multiple BIP32 Wallets

Multisignature Transactions

Offline Signing

User Registration

Product Purchases

Invoice Management

Hook system, allowing custom PHP code to be executed.

Smarty templates, allowing you to easily implement your own design and web site.

Envrin Exchange

Our premiee, leading edge, secure exchange platform allowing you to professionally and securely launch a fully featured and user friendly crypto-currency exchange. Don't cut corners, use our technical expertise combined with quality support and custom development resources to become a leader in the crypto-currency market.

All features of the Envrin Secure Wallet

BIP32, multisignature transactions

4096 bit RSA encryption ensuring all bid / ask orders are tamper proof.

Leverage trading volume of third party exchanges (cex.io, Kraken, Exmo)

Support for multiple crypto currencies (BTC + derivaties, ETH, Monero, Ripple)

Real-time updates of exchange rates, order book and charts via web sockets.

Send to payment address, e-mail, SMS, or registered user

Much more...


A near perfect clone and rentition of the popular LBC operation, including full functionality and even a near identical look and feel. Excellent user-to-user exchange platform.

Free user registration, and post trade form identical to LBC.

Identical search form located on the top of every page.

Full integration with Google address lookup and maps.

Users can easily buy / sell bitcoins online or in cash.

Easily define which payment methods users can use to buy / sell bitcoin.

Identical trade management, including real-time messaging system.

Define fee schedule, earning money off every trade.

Full dispute and resolution system.

Full user fashboard, allowing for easy trade management.

Plus much more...

Envrin Web Wallet

Commercial solution for merchants who sell products / services. Perfect for those requiring an enterprise level solution to accept bitcoin across their member / customer base. Supports multiple wallets across your network of sites, allowing you to centralize all fund management.

BIP32, multisignature transactions, offline signing

Administrator has full access to all funds.

Master / slave functionality, allowing centralization of funds across multiple sites.

Support for multiple crypto currencies

Buy & Sell functionality with fiat

Users can create / manage multiple coin accounts

Users can send funds to a payment address, e-mail address, or registered user.

Much more...

Envrin Secure Wallet (

Commercial, secure user-to-user web wallet, and perfect for those who want to offer their users a highly secure web wallet. For security reasons, site owner does not have access to all funds, and instead only user's themselves have access to their own funds.

BIP32, multisignature transactions

User funds are compartamentalized, greatly increasing security

Support for multiple crypto currencies

Buy & Sell functionality with fiat

Users can create / manage multiple coin accounts

Send to payment address, e-mail, SMS, or registered user

Choice of instant (online) or manual (offline) signing

Friends list for added security

Much more...


A high-end, quality payment API ala Bitpay, allowing merchants to easily accept payments in both, bitcoin and fiat, while you as site owner earn money off every transaction.

Merchants can easily generate payment links, allowing them to easily accept payments from customers.

Full product catalogue management by merchants available.

Invoices, button generator, customer list and more.

Fi;; si[[prt fpr recirromg payments, shipping fees, taxes, and more.

Allow merchants to accept payments in bitcoin, or any fiat methods you decide to offer.

Easily define a fee schedule, allowing you as site owner to earn money off every transaction.

Plus much more...

Apex Software Platform

After two years of tireless work, Apex Software Platform was fully released fall of 2019. Apex is a professional, modern, robust open source PHP software platform, and powers all Envrin based software solutions. It's very easy to use and learn, and is modern with support for redis, horizontal scaling via RabbitMQ, dependency injection, web sockets, is PSR compliant, and much more. It's free and open source, check it out today!

Apex Software Platform