User Manual - Transactions & Payments

Envrin CMS comes with full support for transactions and payments, including membership fees, eCommerce products / services, basic deposits / withdrawals, a full API, plus more. This section describes all aspects of the transaction system, and its management.

User Transaction Accounts

By default, every member receives their own transaction account, which works much in the same way as a bank account. Each member has a balance, and a series of deposits and withdrawals made against their account. For example, a membership fee or product purchase will consist of two transactions -- one to charge the member and withdraw funds from their account, and another for physical payment (eg. PayPal) to deposit the funds into the account, keeping their balance at $0.

This allows for easy integration of things such as affiliate commissions and payouts if you have an affiliate program, the ability to act as your own payment processor if wanted, or anything that may require accounts to keep a positive or negative balance with you. If desired, features are available allowing members to deposit funds into their account, and also request withdrawals.

Overall Settings

Through the Settings->Financial Settings menu you can manage all overall settings of the transaction system, such as payment methods, upgrade fees, and more. Below explains all submenus within this menu.

General Settings

Allows you to define the various general settings. Below lists any appropriate details regarding the questions available.

  • "Require Payment Before Account Creation?" -- When a new member completes the registration form, the software can either instantly create their account, or instead temporarily save their account details, and only create it once payment has been received (ie. PayPal funds sent). If you select Yes for this question, new registrations that require a membership fee will only be created once payment has been received, meaning they will not have immediate access to the members area until funds have been received. The benefit to this is if someone submits the registration form multiple times with the same username, they will not receive a "Username already exists" error.

  • "Membership Fee Declined" -- Allows you to define the action that will be taken when a membership fee is declined.

  • "Payment Decline Time" -- When a pending payment is added to the database (eg. monthly membership fee), how many days before the software automatically declines the payment? This will trigger the action in the above question.

  • "Payment Retry Interval" -- Only applicable if you're using a real-time payment processor (eg. AuthorizeNet) and accept credit cards. If a pending payment is declined, the software will automatically retry the payment at this time interval. For example, continue trying to charge the credit card every day until payment is approved.

  • "Show Previously Used Payment Methods?" -- Only applicable when members need to make multiple payments (eg. upsells) via the member's area. When making another payment, the member can either be presented with previous payment methods they've used, or always be asked to enter new payment information. If you're using third party payment processors (eg. PayPal), select No for this option. If using a real-time processor (eg. AuthorizeNet), you may want to select Yes, as it allows members to easily use the same credit card without having to enter the full card details again.

  • "Allow One-Time Deposits?" -- Only set to Yes if you have a need for members to store funds with you. This allows members to send payments, which get added to their account balance. Only useful if you'd like to provide members the ability to hold funds with you for future product purchases, to send to other members, or things of that nature.

  • "Show Transaction User Summary?" -- Defines whether or not when managing an account via the Accounta->Manage Account menu, to display an overall summary of the member's transaction history. Only applicable if you allow members to deposit / withdraw funds at their will, sell various products / services via the member's area, and things of that nature.

Payment Methods & Withdrawal Payment Methods

These two submenus allow you to define the various payment methods that you accept, plus any applicable limitations or fees. The menus themselves should be quite straight forward, and any needed aspects are explained below.

  • As explained above, each member receives their own transaction account, similar to a bank account. The "Payment Methods" menu allows you to define the various payment methods you accept, and how members / customers pay you. The "Payout Methods" menu is only required if you allow members to keep a balance with you, and want to allow them to request withdrawals. This menu defines the various methods that you send funds to members when they request a withdrawal.

  • Adding a new payment method should be quite straight forward. Simply select the desired processor, and the appropriate form fields will appear asking for the needed account information. The "Display Name" field can be anything you wish, and is what is displayed to members when selecting their payment method. The advanced fields are optional, and only required if you wish to place minimum / maximum limitations and/or fees on all transactions through this payment method.

  • Once a payment method has been used for a transaction, it can not be deleted from the software. Instead, you can manage the payment method and change its status to Inactive, which will disallow it from being used again.

  • If the desired payment processor is not listed, please contact us and request integration with it.

Upgrade Fees

Only required if you offer multiple membership plans, and wish to allow members to easily and instantly upgrade their plan type via the member's area. This menu allows you to define the one-time fees incurred when upgrading from one account type to another. Upon upgrading, the member will be charged this fee, and any appropriate recurring membership fee will be automatically updated to the fee of the new account type.

If using upgrade fees, ensure the "Upgrade Account" menu is active within your member areas(s), which can be done via the Settings->Account Settings->Member Areas menu.

Account Management

Upon managing an account through the Accounts->Manage Account menu, there are several tabs available involving their transactions, which are explained below.

  • Transactions -- Shows all recent transactions made against the member's account, and optionally will display a summary of the member's transaction account.

  • Subscriptions -- Shows all recurrring subscriptions created on the member's account, plus allows you to easily add a new recurring subscription if wanted. You can manage all aspects of any recurring subscription by clicking on the desired table row.

  • Add Transaction -- Allows you to easily add a one-time transaction against the member's account. For example, if you need to manually add a deposit / withdraw, product purchase, or anything of that nature.

Admin Management

The administration panel contains a Financial menu, which consists of several submenus allowing you to easily manage all aspects of member's transactions. The submenus should be quite straight forward, and below explains all non-straight forward aspects.

  • Add Transaction -- Allows you to manually add any transaction to a member's account. If the "Is Payment?" field is set to Yes, a physical payment will be required from the member. If the transaction you're adding has a recurring subscription (eg. monthly membership fee), selecting Yes for the "Add Recurring Subscription?" field, and the appropriate subscription will be added to the member's account. For the amount, if you want to charge the member, ensure to input a negative amount (eg -50, not 50).

  • Pending Payments -- This menu allows you to easily process all pending payments. These are payments that have been initiated, but payment has not yet been received. For example, a member completed the order form, was redirected to PayPal, but never submitted the funds. Or a recurring payment was expected, but never received. The tabs displayed on this page will be different depending on your system.
    • "New Accounts" -- Only displayed if accounts aren't created until payment is received as explained above. Any payments displayed within the "New Accounts" tab are not actual members yet, but once the payment is approved, their account will be instantly created.
    • "Existing Accounts" -- Displayed any pending one-time payments on existing members account that remain unpaid. For example, if a member purchased a product via the member's area, but didn't submit payment via PayPal.
    • "Confirm Deposits" -- Only applicable and will only be shown if you're using payment methods that require confirmation details from members. For example, if you allow payments via Western Union, after a member initates a deposit, they'll need to enter confirmation details such as the MTCN#, sender name, etc. Once they've entered the confirmation details, the payment will appear in this tab so you can confirm it was received.
    • "Recurring" -- Shows all pending recurring payments (eg. monthly membership fee), for which payment hasn't been received. For example, if a member cancels their PayPal subscription, and payment isn't received, their monthly payment will show up in this tab.

  • Pending Withdrawals -- Will only exist if you have the "Transaction - Withdrawals" package installed, and allows you to easily view and processor all withdrawal requests. Members can request withdrawals from the member's area, which are then displayed here.

  • Reconcile Transactions -- Will initially display a list of the most recent transactions, plus allow you to easily search all transactions in the database. Click on any table row to manage full details on any transaction.

  • Reconcile Subscriptions -- Only applicable if you're charging recurring fees of some kind, and shows all recurring subscriptions that exist within the database. You can also easily search all recurring subscriptions, and manage full details on any subscription by clicking on the desired table row.

Member Deposits & Withdrawals

If desired, you may allow members to make one-time deposits into their account, and also request withdrawals from their account. This is only applicable if you need the functionality of a payment processor, where members have their own virtual bank account, and can deposit / withdraw funds as desired.

To activate deposits, go to the Settings->Financial Settings->General Settings menu, and ensure the "Allow One-Time Deposits?" feature is set to Yes. Then through the Settings->Account Settings->Member Areas menu, manage the appropriate members area, and ensure the "Payments & Deposits" menu is available. Once done, members will see a "Payments & Deposits" menu in the member's area, which will contain a tab allowing them to submit a one-time deposit, which is simply added to their account balance.

To allow members to request withdrawals of their funds, visit the Settings->Account Settings->Member Areas menu, and ensure the "Withdrawals" menu is available within the needed member area(s). Also, through the Settings->Financial Settings->Payout Methods menu, ensure to define the various payment methods that are available. Once done, a new "Withdrawals" menu will be available in the member's area where member's can request a withdrawal. These can then be processed through the Financial->Pending Withdrawals menu of the admin panel.

Peer-to-Peer Payments

A separate package called "Transaction - Peer-to-Peer" is available, which if desired allows members to send funds between themselves, much the same way as standard payment processors (eg. PayPal). To activate this feature, simply visit the Settings->Account Settings->Member Areas menu, and ensure the "Send Funds" menu is available to the appropriate member areas.