User Manual - Support Center

Envrin CMS also comes with a fully featured support center, which includes a full ticketing system, knowledge base, feedback center, and more. This section describes all features available within the Support Center module, and how to utilize them.

Getting Started

To begin, visit the Settings->Support Settings menu of your admin panel. From here you can define the basic support contact information, and feedback & bug report categories. There are also several menus available within the member's area titled "Support", "Support Contacts", and "Message Center", which you can activate within the Settings->Account Settings->Member Areas menu. The "Message Center" menu is only required if you'd like members to be able to send private messages between themselves. The "Support" menu should always be added, as it allows members to view and submit support tickets. The "Support Contacts" menu is only required if you'd like to allow members to define additional support contacts (eg. their staff), who are authorized to receive support on their account.

E-Mail Configuration

The support center also pipes directly into e-mail. For example, everything sent to will automatically pipe into the ticketing system. The e-mail address of the sender will be checked against existing accounts / support contacts, and a new ticket will be opened against the correct account. All replies will also be tracked, and appended to the correct ticket.

To setup, complete the following steps:

  1. You need to first choose an e-mail address to use (eg., and a hostname for ticket replies (eg. Every support ticket will receive its own e-mail address at Go to the Settings->Support Settings menu, and define these two fields at the bottom of the first tab.

  2. All incoming e-mail to both, the support e-mail address you chose, and * needs to pipe into the /support_pipe.php script of Envrin CMS. If you are unsure of how to do this, please contact your web host. For example, all incoming e-mail needs to pipe into the script located at:

Once done, everything sent to will pipe into the ticketing system, and be automatically tracked. You can view and process all support tickets through the Support Center->Pending Tickets menu. Upon replying to a ticket, it will be sent from the e-mail address, and all e-mails sent to that address will be appended to the ticket.

Public Web Site

Several new pages are available within the public web site, such as /contact (eg., which is the public contact form. As always, all templates are located within the /data/tpl/public/ directory of Envrin CMS, and can be modified as desired. For example, the template for the contact form at /contact can be found on your server at /data/tpl/public/contact.tpl. Below lists all public pages that come with the support center.

  • /contact -- Public contact form. All submissions are created as public support tickets.

  • /contact_thankyou -- Thank you page displayed after someone submits the contact form.

  • /support/knowledgebase -- Knowledge Base, and all categories & articles can be managed through the Support Center->KnowledgeBase menu of the admin panel.

  • /support/feedback -- Feedback Center, which allows people to submit suggestions and bug reports regarding your online business, products, and services.

Administration Panel

The administration panel contains a new Support Center menu, which consists of several submenus. Below describes each of the submenus.

  • Knowledge Base -- Allows you to manage all the categories are articles within your public Knowledge Base, which can be viewed through the /support/knowledgebase page of your web site.

  • Media Manager -- Not really applicable at the moment, although will be expanded on in the near future. This allows you to easily manage and offer downloadable files, videos, audio, etc.

  • View Feedback -- Only applicable if you're utilizing the Feedback Center, which is located at the /support/feedback page of your site. This menu allows you to view and manage all feedback submitted.

  • Pending Tickets -- Allows you to easily view and process all pending support tickets. There are two types of tickets -- public, which are added when someone submits the public contact form, or e-mails with an e-mail address that does not exist in your database. And member tickets, which are added when someone submits a new ticket from the member's area, or e-mails from the e-mail address that's registered to their account. Upon replying to a ticket, you will see a checkbox that allows you to mark the ticket as pending. If checked, the ticket will disappear from your list of pending tickets, until the member replies to it again.

  • Create New Ticket -- Allows you to open a new support ticket against an existing member, or anyone from the public.