User Manual - Getting Started

This section is meant as a brief and concise guide to getting started with Envrin CMS, and quickly goes through all aspects you need to know to get up and running. For further details on any aspects mentioned here, please consult the other sections of this manual. Once Envrin CMS has been installed on your server, complete the following steps to become fully operational.

  1. Settings->Account Settings menu, and define the desired profile fields, account types, and member areas.

  2. Settings->Financial Settings menu, and define the desired payment methods that you accept.

  3. Integrate Your Existing Site into Envrin CMS.

  4. Settings->Notification Settings menu, and setup the desired e-mail notifications.

  5. Maintenance->Backup Manager menu, and define your backup settings (eg. Amazon S3 account).

That's it! With the above steps completed, everything needed to fully launch your new online operation should be completed.