Software Development

Software Development

At Envrin Group we treat every client on a case-by-case basis depending on their specific needs, requirements and goals. We strive to provide the absolute best quality available within the world, and below outlines a basic project from conception to launch.

  1. Consultation(s) with you to understand your business, requirements, and scope of the project. Any necessary research is also completed during this stage.

  2. We will write a proposal detailing the project specs, quote, timeline, and payment schedule. Generally projects require a deposit, and depending on the size, may include milestone payments as well. Unlike others, Envrin Group will also impose penalties on itself if the project is late (eg. 5% off for every week late).

  3. Once approved, development begins, and a development environment will be setup on our servers, which you will have full access to allowing you to watch the project progress daily as development is completed.

  4. During development, the design aspects must also be decided on. You can either use an existing theme from our Theme Library, choose any HTML / CSS theme off a site such as ThemeForest and we'll integrate it for you, or use your own web designer. The theme engine within Envrin is extremely simple to work with, any any designer should not have a problem.

  5. Once development has been completed and tested, the system will be moved over to your server. At this time, all necessary server configuration will also be completed.

  6. Afterwards, any additional development or enhancements can be easily made. Through the client area you can submit a request for a modification quote, and if approved by you, will be taken care of in a timely fasion on the development environment. Once tested, changes can be instantly ported over to the live server with no chance of human error. With most clients, once a relationship is established, deposits for new development are no longer required. Instead, a simple running total is kept that can be viewed and paid within the client area.

If you're in need of any membership, affiliate, or network marketing solution, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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