Envrin Secure Wallet

Envrin Secure Wallet

Need a high quality, professional, and secure software solution to launch your own online web wallet / exchange operation? Envrin Web Wallet has been developed from the ground up utilizing the latest in wallet and bitcoin related technology to provide both, you and your users with the best and most secure experience possible.

Featuring BIP32 HD wallets, full multi-signature functionality, altcoin support, SMS authentication & notifications, multiple coin accounts, sub-accounts, friends list, delayed sends, buy / sell coins features, instant vs. manual site signing, complete tracking and auditing tools, and much more, you can rest assured knowing your operation is on the cutting edge of technology.

Security for us is paramount, which is why no funds, private keys, or wallet passwords are stored anywhere within the software, making it virtually impossible for attackers to steal any funds. With full multi-signature functionality, plus using SSSS and strong encryption via AES256, and other optional features such as a friends list, instant vs. manual site signing, and SMS authorization, you can rest assured that your user's funds are safe.

Envrin Secure Wallet

Feature List

BIP32 Hierarchial Wallets
Provide you and your users with the greatest experience possible, utilizing the latest in wallet technology. The wallets allow your users to easily control all aspects of their account, plus additional features such as sub-accounts (eg. for employees / departments), friend lists, multiple accounts and currencies, and more.

Full multi-signature functionality, providing highly enhanced security, helping ensure all funds are always safe. All outgoing transactions must be signed by both, the site and user, so even if an attacker manages to compromise one or the other, they will not have access to any funds.

Instant vs. Manual Site Signing
Optionally allow users to choose whether the site signs their transactions instantly or manually. If instantly, transactions are signed using a private key that resides online, hence susceptible to attackers. If manually, you as site admin must manually enter the offline private key to sign them, making them inherently more secure.

Everything On-Chain
All transactions are on-chain, and locked to the user's private key, which is not stored anywhere online. This provides you and your users with the inherent security that comes with the blockchain, confirmations, and entire P2P network. Not to mention, almost limitless backups of user funds, since all transactions happen on-chain, hence are available via the public ledger.

Altcoin Support
Full support for altcoins is provided, allowing you to easily activate / deactivate any currencies you would like. Users can easily generate new addresses for any of the currencies, and manage multiple balances and currencies from their one user account.

Multiple Accounts
Allow users to create multiple accounts of the same currency with ease. For example, they may have three BTC accounts, and two LTC accounts. Optionally, each account can have separate user-defined security restrictions, allowing users to for example, have a daily spending account and a more secured savings account.

Friends List
Allow users to define a friends list, enhancing the security of the multi-signature functionality even more. Users can define a list of friends, and upon creating an additional account state the number of additional signatures required. When a send is initiated from that account, all friends will be e-mailed with a unique URL they can visit to authorize the send. No sends can be processed unless enough friends have signed it, providing maximum security.

Excellent for users who have employees, departments, or family members for who they want to have their own account, while retaining master control over all f
unds. Sub-accounts receive their own fully functional account to the client area, but at the same time, the owner can easily view and manage funds of their sub-accounts as well.

Send to SMS / E-Mail
Users can easily send funds to e-mail addresses or SMS numbers. The recipient will receive a message containing a URL allowing them to easily claim their funds, making it possible to easily send BTC to anyone in the world!

Envrin Web Wallet

Base System

Envrin Web Wallet is based on our flagship software, Envrin CMS, which powers all of our commercial software products. Envrin CMS started back in 2006, and since has been upgraded and refined to be one of the highest quality solutions for enterprise level software operations. Below gives a brief run-down of the main functionality, but for full details please visit the Envrin CMS page.

Core Functionality
A high quality back-end infrastructure initially developed in 2006, that allows for the professional deployment of enterprise level online operations. Very modular based so you can easily mix & match features as desired, comes with a Package Manager allowing for rapid deployment and one-click installation of upgrades, automated backups, and more.

Theme Manager
Comes with a full theme manager allowing any of our dozens of pre-integrated themes to be installed with on click, or we can easily integrate your own theme without issue. The templates are very simplisitic, and your web designer should not have any issues making design modifications as desired.

User Management
Quality user management allowing for easy registration including via Facebook / Google, customizable profile fields, multiple account types & member areas, easy tab based management, optional public profiles including avatars & descriptions and more. Plus many security features such as 2FA authentication, additional security questions, IP restrictions, forcing of strong passwords, optionally require users to change their password every X days, and more.

Transaction System
Integrated transaction system, giving each user what resembles an online bank account, providing them with a familiar experience. Both deposit and withdrawal payment methods are available for fiat payments, including full integration with many such as PayPal, AuthorizeNet, etc., plus the ability to easily define your own custom payment methods. Streamlined processing for buy / sell coin orders is included, allowing you to easily process and verify all incoming orders.

Other Features
The base software system also includes many additional features, including a full automated e-mail notification system, support center and ticketing system, CMS package allowing you to easily modify the content within your web site, a CRM that integrates with MailChimp for easy mailing list management, and much more.

Envrin Secure Wallet

Online Demo

Please visit the below links to view an online demo of the Envrin Secure Wallet:

Administration Panel

Member / Client Area

Member Registration

Envrin Secure Wallet

Order Now

To place an order, please contact us for a free consultation so we can better understand your exact needs. You may either complete our contact form or e-mail us directly at support@envrin.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

License + Installation and Server Setup & Configuration ($1595 $895)
Recommended. Instantly receive a client account, with full license of the Envrin Secure Wallet, which we will then install on your server for you. We will configure and harden your server for security purposes, helping ensure the security of your operation.

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