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Reseller Program

Although not yet officially launched, our reseller program is under heavy development and will be launched very soon. This program will allow you to purchase licenses of our quality software at deeply discounted rates, and resell them to your clients at any price you wish. Generally, this involves you as the reseller bundling the software in with your own products / services, offering the client something they can not purchase elsewhere.

Our reseller program will also come with a white label portal, allowing you to easily create and manage all client accounts as desired. Each client will receive access to the anonymous portal, and will be under the impression you own the portal, not Envrin Group. From within the portal clients can receive customer support from our qualified development team, and also have custom development projects completed and managed. Envrin Group will bill you directly for all work incurred and approved by you, and you in turn can charge your clients whatever rate you wish.

This is an excellent opportunity for the right people. Open a reseller account, and be granted deep discounts to our software licenses, plus full access to our development team allowing all custom development and customer support necessary to be completed with professionalism, while remaining completely anonymous to your clients. For more information on our reseller program, please complete the below form.

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