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LBC Clone

An excellent, near identical clone and rendition of the popular LBC site, providing a great playform allowing users to easily buy / sell bitcoins using a variety of payment methods defined by you. Easily define the site fee schedule, allowing you to earn money off every single trade through the site.

Also provides a near indentical look and feel to LBC, allowing users to easily recognize the various features and menus, providing them an instant sense of comfort. Although an excellent design is provided, the template engine is very easy to work with, hence you can easily change the look and feel as desired.

Contains all necessary functionality including Google address lookup and maps, an identical post trade form, top search form on nearly every page, full dashboard so users can easily manage their trades, ability to buy / sell bitcoins online or in cash near their location, and more. Even the trade management trade is identical with a real-time messaging system, ability to dispute trades, full user summary information, and more.

This is an excellent software package for anyone who wants to own their own high-quality user-to-user exchange platform. Grab your copy today while it's still available for sale!

Envrin Web Wallet

Feature List

Easy Trade Management
Starting from the home page, users can easily browse all buy / sell offers within their vincinity or the location they defined in their profile, including both online and cash near their location offers. Initiating trade is as simple as LBC, with all relevant trade informations, instructions, user summary statistics, and more available on the one page. Full real-time messaging service, all trades must be completed within a pre-defined amount of time before funds are reimbursed to the user, users can open disputes which are handled by administration, and more.

Post Trades
Users can register for free, and begin immediately posting new trades, allowing other users to seamlessly buy / sell bitcoin from them either online or locally in cash. The post trade form is identical to LBC, allowing for margins, opening hours, number of minutes for the trade is automatically cancelled, the types of users that can initiate a trade (SMS verified, ID verified, etc.). On top of this, a full user dashboard is offered, allowing users to easily manage all open trades, quickly deactivate all trades with one click, and more.

Full Google Integration
Full free integration with Google APIs including address lookup, geo-coordinates, and maps providing a versatile user experience. The address lookup allows users to easily choose from a myriad of locations throughout the world when either posting or searching for trades. The geo-coordinates and maps integration allow the system to pinpoint the user's location, and show a map with place markers showing exactly where buy / sell trades for cash are available near their location.

Identical Look and Feel to LBC
The default theme is a highly professional design, which has been modified to give a near identical look and feel to LBC, providing your users with an instant level of comfort upon visiting your site. The template and theme engine within the software is very straight forward and easy to use, allowing you or your designer to easily modify the look and feel as desired.

ATM Locator
Allow users to submit the location and details of any bitcoin ATMs they own worldwide. Other users can then easily view a map via Google Maps showing the location of all ATMs with full details.

Quality Administration Management
All necessary administration functionality is available, allowing you to easily define various settings such as your fee schedule, easily browse and manage trades, manage accounts, efficiently handle disputes, interject into trade conversations via the real-time messaging system,process pending withdrawals, define payment methods that are available to users, and more.

Envrin Web Wallet

Base System

Envrin Web Wallet is based on our flagship software, Envrin CMS, which powers all of our commercial software products. Envrin CMS started back in 2006, and since has been upgraded and refined to be one of the highest quality solutions for enterprise level software operations. Below gives a brief run-down of the main functionality, but for full details please visit the Envrin CMS page.

Core Functionality
A high quality back-end infrastructure initially developed in 2006, that allows for the professional deployment of enterprise level online operations. Very modular based so you can easily mix & match features as desired, comes with a Package Manager allowing for rapid deployment and one-click installation of upgrades, automated backups, and more.

Theme Manager
Comes with a full theme manager allowing any of our dozens of pre-integrated themes to be installed with on click, or we can easily integrate your own theme without issue. The templates are very simplisitic, and your web designer should not have any issues making design modifications as desired.

User Management
Quality user management allowing for easy registration including via Facebook / Google, customizable profile fields, multiple account types & member areas, easy tab based management, optional public profiles including avatars & descriptions and more. Plus many security features such as 2FA authentication, additional security questions, IP restrictions, forcing of strong passwords, optionally require users to change their password every X days, and more.

Transaction System
Integrated transaction system, giving each user what resembles an online bank account, providing them with a familiar experience. Both deposit and withdrawal payment methods are available for fiat payments, including full integration with many such as PayPal, AuthorizeNet, etc., plus the ability to easily define your own custom payment methods. Streamlined processing for buy / sell coin orders is included, allowing you to easily process and verify all incoming orders.

Other Features
The base software system also includes many additional features, including a full automated e-mail notification system, support center and ticketing system, CMS package allowing you to easily modify the content within your web site, a CRM that integrates with MailChimp for easy mailing list management, and much more.

Envrin Web Wallet

Online Demo

Please visit the below links to view an online demo of the LBC clone:

Home Page

Administration Panel

Member / Client Area

Example Trade Page

Member Registration

Envrin Web Wallet

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