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What is Envrin CMS

Envrin CMS is our flagship software system, which is generally used as a base for all client projects. It has been developed and constantly refined over the past 8 years, and contains everything need to professionally manage an online operation.

This includes a quality administration panel, account management, custom profile fields, multiple account types, a fully integrated transaction system with multiple currency support, payment processing, excellent communication features, both CRM and CMS packages, support ticketing system, automated backups, plus much more.

With Envrin CMS, you can rest assured your online operation is built with the quality and robustness required to handle any amount of growth, and allow you to professionally manage your business.

Packages Library

Below lists all main features of Envrin CMS, grouped by package. Click on the headings to expand the list of features.

Core Infrastructure
Core Framework

Envrin CMS is backed by a high-end infrastucture, helping ensure your online operation always remains online, secure, scalable, and easily modifable.

  • Modular based, allowing new modules to be instantly downloaded & installed or removed with one click.
  • Upgrades constantly released, all of which can be installed with one click (or automatically).
  • Automated backups locally, plus to remote FTP, Amazon S3 and Dropbox.
  • Multiple administrators, each with their own set of permissions.
  • Excellent security including 256 bit AES encryption, security questions, IP restrictions, secondary password authentication, and more.
  • Full theme library, plus easy to integrate any existing web site.

Account Management
Account Management

Excellent account management features are available, allowing you to easily begin accepting new members, offer a password protected member's area, and more.

  • Multiple account types allowing you offer multiple plans, or differentiate accounts by other means (eg. customer, affiliate, supplier).
  • Membership fees, including recurring payments and trial periods.
  • Multiple password protected member areas, allowing you to provide each account type with a different set of menus / functionality.
  • Customizable profile fields, so you can store any and all data on each account you'd like.
  • Easy-to-use, tab based account management.

Transactions and Payments
Transactions & Payments

Full transaction and payments system, allowing you to easily accept payments for a variety of reasons -- membership fees, products, and more.

  • Full support for membership fees, including recurring (ie. monthly) fees, and trial periods. Plus support for upgrading plan types, product purchases, and more.
  • Optionally allow members to deposit and withdraw funds to / from their accounts, same as any online payment processor.
  • Optional support for peer-to-peer payments, allowing members to send funds between themselves.
  • Optional eCommerce package, perfect for selling a handful of products / services (eg. hosting plans).
  • Full administration and reporting features in both, the admin panel and member's area.

Support Center
Support Center

Full support ticketing system is available, opening the communication lines between you, the public, and your customers.

  • Public contact form.
  • Member's area contact form, plus ability to easily manage open tickets.
  • Administration interface to easily view and manage all support tickets.
  • Full support for attachments.
  • Optionally ability to all members to send PMs (private messages) to each other.
  • Knowledgebase, allowing you to easily add questions and answers.
  • Optionally pipes into e-mail, so everything sent to support@yourdomain.com is piped into the ticketing system, and 100% tracked appropriately.


A quality CRM solution is available that integrates with various providers such as Mailchimp, allowing you to create and manage campaigns, to process and track leads. Excellent to help track potentials, followup on new customers, and more.

  • Full integration with both, Mailchimp and Sendgrid, with more e-mail providers coming soon.
  • Create and manage multiple campaigns. Define conditions as to when a lead is added, plus initial, timed and conditional actions that can / will be taken against the lead.
  • Easily manage and track manually scheduled follow ups (eg. one week after joining to check up on the new member).
  • Integration with suppprt ticketing system, allowing you to easily add new contacts into desired campaigns.
  • Full reporting and tracking features.


A small, yet quality blog package is also avaialble with Envrin CMS, allowing you to easily integrate a blog into your website, and full manage all posts, comments, etc. It comes with the following features.

  • Full support for management of multiple blogs, although not really necessary at the moment.
  • Easily add new posts, and manage existing posts. Posts can contain category, title, excerpt, slug, featured image, and contents.
  • Easily manage all comments submitted to your blog.
  • Easily integrate it into any existing web site (eg. recent posts list).


Excellent theme management is included, and it's possible to implement virtually any web site into Envrin CMS within minutes. For example, the site you're viewing now is being served by Envrin CMS.

A fully featured theme library will be online shortly, and will seamlessly integrate with the administration panel. You will be able to search & browse all existing themes, and with one click instantly download and install them. If you're a designer, it will be extremely easy to upload themes into the library, and if desired, charge for them as well.

Theme Library

Below shows all website themes currently integrated with Envrin, and available for one-click install via the administration panel. Literally any HTML / CSS template can be easily integrated into Envrin within 30 minutes by our team of software engineers, ensuring you have a professional looking online operation.


Envrin CMS

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