Views - HTML Forms (<a:form_table>)

Apex supports special HTML tags allowing form tables to be quickly designed, and produces the same result as the HTML Form component except are manually written into the .tpl files. Below explains the HTML tags used for forms.

<a:form_table> ... </a:form_table>

Description: Creates a simple table with default width of 80%, and necessary cellpadding. Should always be used when manually putting in a form or a simple two column text based table. Requires a closing tab, and uses custom CSS class of "form_table" which should be added to every theme.


Attribute Required Description
width No Width of the table, defaults to 80%.
align No Alignment of the table, defaults to "left".


Description: Generates a two column width row, with indented and bolded text. Used to separate sets of form fields.

Attribute Required Description
label Yes The text of the seperator.

<a:ft_FIELD> / <a:FIELD> Tags

Every form field is available via both the <a:ft_FIELD> and <a:FIELD> tags. Within the <a:form_table> ... </a:form_table> tags, you can place the <a:ft_FIELD> tags, which are replaced with a two column table row, the left column being the label of the form field, and the right column being the form field itself. Alternatively, you can also use the <a:FIELD> tags, which are only replaced with the form field itself, and no two column table row.

Tag Description
<a:ft_textbox> / <a:textbox> Input textbox field.
<a:ft_textarea> / <a:textarea> Input textarea form field.
<a:ft_phone> / <a:phone> Phone number. Contains a small select list for the country count, and a text field for the phone number.
<a:ft_date / <a:date> Date. Consists of three select lists for the month, day, and year.
<a:ft_date_interval> / <a:date_interval> Date interval. One small textbox for an integer, and a small select list for the interval (days, weeks, months, years)
>a:ft_select> / <a:select> Select list.
<a:ft_boolean> / <a:boolean> Boolean. Two radio buttons, Yes / No.
<a:ft_custom> Custom row.
<a:ft_blank> Blank row, colspan of 2.
>a:ft_submit> / <a:submit> Submit button.


    <a:ft_seperator label="Contact Details">
    <a:ft_textbox name="full_name">
    <a:ft_textbox name="email" label="E-Mail Address" required="1" datatype="email">
    <a:ft_select name="status" data_source="hash:users:status" required="1">
    <a:ft_submit value="add" label="Add New Contact">