Training Guide

NOTE: This training guide is currently out of date, and needs to be updated to support the previous restructuring upgrade of Apex. This should be done within a few days at the most.

This guide serves to take you through all aspects of developing quality online software operations with Apex, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Instead of doing a standard "Hello World" app, we'll do something a little more real world, and develop a quick marketplace package. Nothing large, and just a small package that allows administrator to define products, plus allows users to purchase products from the member's area.

This training guide will cover the following concepts:

Below shows the table of contents for this training guide, and natrually, start at the Getting Started page.

  1. Getting Started
  2. Create Database Tables
  3. Admin Panel - Settings
  4. Admin Panel - Product Management
  5. Members Area - Online Store
  6. Admin Panel - Process Orders
  7. Publish, Install, and Upgrade Package