Your technical team will most likely handle this aspect for you, but in the change they don't, you will most likely want to change the theme of at least the public web site. You may do this through the Maintenance->Theme Manager menu of the administration panel. This will contact all repositories configued on your system, and retrieve a list of all available themes, some of which are free and some require payment. Simply find the theme you would like, then within SSH at the terminal prompt within the installation directory, type:

php apex.php install_theme THEME_ALIAS

Naturally, replace THEME_ALIAS with the alias of the theme you want to install, which you will find via the Maintenace->Theme Manager menu. If it's a free theme, it will be automatically downloaded from the repository, installed and activated on your system. If it is a paid theme, it will prompt you for the TemeForest license key. To download this theme, you must first purchase it from ThemeForest, who will then provide you a license key for your purchase. Enter the license key when prompted, it will be verified via the ThemeForest API that it is a valid purchase, then downloaded and installed on your system.

Modify Themes

There's a good chance you or your web designer will need to modify the theme. Every theme contains two directories:

Integrate a Theme

There's a good chance the theme you wish to use isn't currently integrated with Apex. Don't worry, as it's extremely easy to integrate virtually any theeeme available on the internet into Apex. For full information on how to integrate an existing theme into Apex, please refer to the Integate an Existing Theme page of this manual.