Apex Platform

Welcome to Apex, a powerful PHP software platform to efficiently develop, deploy, and maintain professional online operations. You will be amazed at the simplicity for the quality. Please take a few moments to browse the documentation below.

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Other Documentation

  1. Developer Training Guide
  2. Developer API Reference (php-documentor)
  3. User Manual

Table of Contents

  1. What is Apex?
  2. Installation
  3. Getting Started
    1. The app Class
    2. Request Routing (http / cli)
    3. Services Container
    4. Dependency Injection
    5. Global Functions
  4. Packages and Components
  5. Repositories
  6. apex CLI Commands
  8. Themes
  9. Event Dispatchers
    1. Listeners
  10. Communication (e-mail / SMS)
  11. Error Handling, Logging / Debugging
  12. Unit Tests

Services Container

The services container provides easy access to various classes that are used to aide in development. These include classes such as database interface, redis storage engine, template parser, event dispatcher, debugger, and more.

Service Description
db The back-end database (mySQL,PostgreSQL, etc.).
redis The redis connection utilizing the popular php-redis extension.
msg Event dispatcher to send one-way direct or two-way RPC calls to listeners / workers.
view Template engine that parses and displays .tpl files.
debug Debugger which also doubles as the log handler.
log The log handler, only useful if you want to add log entries outside of the debugger.
cache Simply caching handler.
storage File handline and management on remote networks, services such as AWS, etc.
auth Authentication library, checks authenticated sessions, and logs in users.
components Provides easy access to check and load components, and call methods within them via dependancy injection.
date Various date functions, such as adding / subtracting a time interval.
encrypt Allows various forms of encryption / decryption, such as basic, user segregated, and PGP.
forms Provides various methods to facilitate handling HTML forms, including server-side form validation, retrieving values of a date / date interval field, and more.
geoip Allows you to easily GeoIP an IP address.
hashes Various methods to parse and load the hashes which are defined within package configuration. Mainly used for select lists.
images Easily manage databases of images -- upload, add, search, generate thumbnails, etc.
io Various methods allowing for easy manipulation and parsing of files and directories including zip archives.