Establish your business operation professionally with only the highest caliber of online software by utilizing Apex, our industry leading software platform. With decades of experience, we fully understand all aspects of establishing and growing a professional online business in-depth, down to the most minute of details. Give yourself the ease and freedom of being able to concentrate on growing your business with our quality, robust, secure, scalable, and customizable software solutions.

All software systems contain the same quality base functionality including horizontal scaling, vast security measures, resource and filesystem monitoring, highly functional administration panel, professional user management, multi-account transaction and payment processing, support ticketing, quality reporting and statistics, localization, instant upgrades, modular and expandable design, internal web socket server for real-time in browser updates, database replication, rotating SMTP servers, flexible theme management, plus more.

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Choose your Software Platform

Create your custom software solution by completing the below form. Select the base platform to begin with, and check all desired additional functionality. Unless you need an exchange, the default Web Wallet platform is generally ideal for most systems.

Web Wallet
Ideal for a host of online operations including web wallet, merchant payment gateway, marketplace, eCommerce, membership program, affiliate / MLM program, coin mixer, among others. If you are not starting an exchange, select this option.

Traditional Exchange
Quality exchange that supports all necessary functionality for a professional and secure operation. Order book, bid/ask orders, leverage third party markets and leverage their liquidity when necessary, limit and margin orders, JSON API, and more.

User-to-User Exchange
Excellent user-to-user exchange and a near perfect replica of the popular Localbitcoins site. Allow users to place ads, and exchange fiat and crypto-currency with each other while taking a fee of every transaction. Supports escrow, real-time chat within trades, dispute resolution, opening hours, feedback and ratings, cash trades, Google Maps integration, and all other necessary functionality.


Check all additional functionality you require for your base software platform. Please note, these packages can always be installed at a later date as well.

Secure Wallet
Highly recommended if establishing a web wallet of any kind where your users manage their crypto-currency funds within your member's area. Will segreagate user's funds onto their own BIP32 keypair, which is automatically generated behind-the-scenes upon registration, helping ensure attackers can never steal funds. Also contains additional security features such as the ability for users to choose between instant vs. delayed sending, automatically delay all sends for X minutes in case of mistake, define limits for each account, friend's list with required signatures, and more.

Buy / Sell Coins
Allow users to buy / sell coins of any desired crypto-currencies from within the member's area to / from your company at the current exchange rate while collecting a fee from every transaction. If desired, leverage third party markets for liquidity.

Extended Recipients
Allow users to send funds to not only a payment address, but also another registered user, an e-mail address, or a phone number via SMS. When funds are sent, an e-mail / SMS will be sent to the recipient with a URL they can visit to claim their funds. Upon claiming funds, they will be required to answer a security question, and specify a payment address where the funds will be sent to.

Support for the popular Ethereum crypto-currency.. Supports inclusion of all features such as exchange, user-to-user exchange, buy / sell coins, etc.

ERC20 Tokents
Needed if you wish to launch your own token / ICO, and allows you to generate your own token on the ethereum network, which can then be traded by your users and amongst the internet using the popular ERC20 standard.

Merchant Payment Gateway
Allow merchants to register, and accept crypto-currency payments from their site through your payment gateway, similar to Bitpay. Merchants can easily redirect their customers to your site to submit payment, while you collect a fee off every transaction. Supports a full API, and all necessary reporting and accounting features for a professional payment gateway.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace
Start any number of different marketplaces -- whether you want to sell your own company products / services, allow vendors to sell their products, define fees vendors may charge ala Fiverr, allow bidding for an auctions site, and more. Fully supports shipping functionality, feedback, ratings, commissions, and all necessary functionality for a quality marketplace.

KYC/AML Verification
Define multiple verification levels with different requirements, limits and fees. Users can be required to verify their e-mail address / phone number, upload documentation that is manually approved, reach certain volume targets in terms of deposits / withdrawals before they are upgraded to another verification level allowing them higher limits and lower fees.

Offer users a quality, easy to implement JSON API to remotely access various functionality within your operation including address generation, balance and transaction retrieval, send funds, execute trades, execute buy / sell orders, and much more. Comes with full documentation ensuring other developers can easily integrate with your API, helping spread your reach within the industry, and ultimately the amount of fees you collect.

Block Explorer
Offer a block explorer modeled after the popular site, providing your users the ability to look up any transaction / block within the blockchain. Fully supports bitcoin and any alt-coin based off the bitcoin protocol (eg. LiteCoin, Dogecoin, etc.).

MLM / Affiliate Program
Establish a professional MLM / network marketing / affiliate program with full crypto-currency functionality, developed by the founder of Envex Developments (incorporated in Canada, May 2001), which is / was a leader in MLM software. Full functionality for quality genealogy, multiple forced matrixes, binary matrix, customizable compensation plans, bonuses, and more. Fully customizable to your specific needs.

Ad Network
Offer a fully fledged ad network, optionally allow other advertisers to upload and manage their ad campaigns or keep it internal for your own ad campaign. Publish the ads either only on your site only, or allow content providers to publish ads from your network on their sites.

Coin mixer
Allow users to deposit their crypto-currency funds into their web wallet, then have them mixed and anonymized before withdrawing them to another payment address of their choosing, while collecting a fee for every transaction. This helps users keep their coins anonymous and untraceable.

HYIP Functionality
Offer full HYIP functionality to your users. Define different investment vehicles with different yields and terms, which users can easily deposit and invest into. Fully tracks all interest payments accurately and professionally.

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