Crypto Currency Exchange Deal (Jan 23rd, 2019)

Hello, and welcome to Envrin Group. You are most likely here because I contacted you, pitching software for your crypto-currency exchange, web wallet, or other online operation. Please give me a couple short minutes of your time to showcase what I have, and offer you an excellent deal you will not find elsewhere (and yes, there are online demos).

Existing Exchange Software

We do have an excellent, secure and feature filled exchange currently available, and full details including online demo can be found on the Envrin Exchange page of this site. Please also check out the Envrin Secure Wallet page as well, as the exchange software also contains all features of the secure wallet.

The exchange contains all features you would expect in a fully featured, quality exchange system.

  • BIP32 multi-signature transactions
  • Segregated user funds for enhanced security.
  • 4096 per-user RSA encryption ensuring all bid / ask orders are tamper proof.
  • Leverage liquidity of third party markets while gaining traction (leverages, Kraken, Excmo)
  • Supports Bitcoin, all Bitcoin derivates (LTC, DOGE, PEER, etc.), Ethereum, Monero and Ripple.
  • Real-time in-browser updates via web sockets, so the exchange rates and order book are updated in real-time as the web browser is open.
  • Buy and sell coins with fiat.
  • Users can create and manage multiple coin accounts in various currencies.
  • Send coins to an e-mail address, SMS, payment address, or to a registered user.
  • Instant vs. manual signing, friends list, deposit / withdraw fiat, affiliate program, support ticketing, CMS management, and much more.

Online Demo

You can visit the current online demo by viewing the below URLs.

Administration Panel
  • Member's Area

  • Apex Project

    As you can see from the above online demo, that software is just a tad outdated, especially the administration panel. Thankfully, the Apex project was born about 18 months ago, and is now nearing completion. This is a very high quality, robust, streamlined, secure online software platform that will modernize all Envrin software for years to come.

    Please jump in, and take a look at the existing online demo and documentation.

    Administration Panel

    Member's Area

    Developer Documentation

    Not only does Apex look far more intuitive and modernized, the back-end has been built from the ground up providing a quality, robust, customizable, secure, and streamlined back-end that utilizes the latest technologies, and will keep all software modernized for years to come as we push technology to its limits into the future. Below lists some of the major advantages of Apex:

    • Latest Technologies -- Utilizes the latest technologies including, but not limited to, PHP v7.2, mySQL v5.6, redis, RabbitMQ, an internal web sockets server, and more.

    • Horizontal Scaling -- The entire software architecture has been designed to fully support horizontal scaling with quality and efficiency. If you're unfamilar with this, please visit the horizontal scaling page of this site for a brief overview of what horizontal scaling is, its benefits, and why it's a crucial aspect of any quality software operations such as a crypto-currency exchange.

    • Open Sourced -- The base Apex software platform in and of itself is open sourced, and comes with full developer documentation. This provides you with independence from Envrin Group, allowing you to easily bring on your own developers, and have them modify and customize the software as you desire with ease.

    • Modular Design -- Apex was developed with a very modular design, so packages can be instantly installed or removed with ease, allowing your system to be easily customized and expanded to your exact needs.

    • Standardized Components -- Supports various standardized components which not only allow for quick and efficient development, but also streamline things allowing multiple developers of varying skill levels to produce high quality software that seamlessly blends together.

    • Secure -- With the utmost importance being placed on security, you can rest assured that no expense was spared to ensure your operations and data remains secure. Utilizing everything from AES256 bit encryption, every user having a 4096 RSA key-pair generated upon creation, 2FA via e-mail and SMS, SQL and file injection prevention, IP restrictions, read-only file systems, automated scans of file hashes for unauthorized file modifications, brute force prevention, and much more, you can rest assured your operation is secure.

    • Vase Experience -- I personally have 17 years of professional experience within the online software industry, and have deployed and mtainined thousands of online operations of varying degrees of scope and scale. I fully understand the development lifecycle, and have intimate knowledge of exactly what's requried to develop, deploy, secure, manage, and maintain a quality, robust, professional online operation.

    • Constant Enhancements -- By no means will you be making a one-time software purchase, and that's the end of it. By purchasing with us, we always hope to enjoy a long-term relationship with you for years to come. We will always be pushing the envelope, releaseing new upgrades on an almost bi-weekly basis, developing new software systems and services to meet the needs of modern technology. If there is a feature you need, just let us know. All depending on the feature we requested, we may develop it free of charge, at a reduced rate, or may charge full custom development rate.

    • Easy Theme Integration -- Easily have any HTML / CSS theme on the internet integrated into Apex for either, the public site or member's area within about 30 minutes. Modifying the templates and page contents is also extremely easy with Apex, and as simple as modifying standard HTML pages.

    • Stability -- Rest assured that our software will always remain stable, as we put great effort into developing unit tests always with the aim of 100% code coverage. This means before any upgrade is released, a battery of tens of thousands automated tests are performed on every minute feature of the software system to ensure the modifications didn't affect any aspect negatively.

    • And much more...

    The Offer

    As you can see, there is a bit of a temporary impasse at the moment. Two excellent software systems, one is fully featured with all necessary crypto-currency functionality but is outdated, and the other is a cutting edge modern software platform but the crypto-currency functionality has yet to be ported over. This is where the excellent offer for you comes in, and it will only be available for a couple weeks.

    I am personally extremely happy with how Apex came together, and am extremely confident in its ability to take these software systems to the next level, not only for now, but for years to come. Plus with this infrastructure in place, we will be in a position to offer unmatched technical support and custom development services. Apex is about 3 weeks away from being 100% completed and operational, with only the following items pending:

    1. Porting Crypto-Currency Packages -- All the necessary cryptto-currency functionality is developed in the old softtwware platform, and simply needs to be moved over to, and made compatible with Apex. This process is already underway, and should be complete within two weeks.

    2. Unit Tests -- Need to develop unit tests with aim of 100% code coverage. This will greatly improve stability, and ensure the esofftware doesn't break upon releasing uppgrades.

    3. Design Work -- I went blindd a couple years ago, so need to bring on a web designer to fix what I assume are the many small design flaws throughout the system. These should all be quick and minor fixes, but just simply duue to going blind, I am unable to do it myself.

    4. Tie Up Loose Ends -- Tie up the few remaining loose ends in the system, but this isn't much. Will be completed as unit tests are developed, as they require me to go through every line of code, and will finalize and polish anything necessary then.

    5. Security Audit -- Once all the above is complete, have a professional security audit conducted for vulnerability and penetration testing on the system. This should only take a few days to complete, then an unknown amount of time to resolve any issues found, but not many are expected.
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      With some hard work, the above can be completed within 3 weeks, then Apex will be 100% ready to deploy operational systems. Once this happens, these systems will cost around $10,000 USD initially, plus recurring monthly and semi-annual fees for support, server monitoring and maintenance, and to retain access to all future upgrades released. However, funding to complete Apex has unfortunately gotten low, hence an excellent offer for anyone looking to start a quality crypto-currency exchange or other online operation within the industry.

      Due to the fact Apex is still about 3 weeks away from deploying operational systems, here's the offer for you. A total of $5000 -- $200 deposit, and the remaining $3000 in approximately 2 or 3 weeks upon the completion of Apex. Upon payment of the $2000 deposit, you will immediately receive the plain text codebase of the existing exchange platform (, plus installation on your web server if desired. From there, you can play around with the software on your server, gain a further insight into it, and come up with a list of modifications and enhancements you desire.

      Upon Apex being completed and finalized, the remaining $3000 is owed, at which time you will receive access to a private repository which will host the plain text codebase of the Apex version of the exchange platform. The Apex exchange platform will be installed on a server of your choice, and will be ready to go live.

      At this time, we will transition into maintenance and enhancement mode, go through your desired / needed modifications, and quickly complete the development as necessary. It all depends on what you require, some of the modifications will be done at no charge, others at a reduced rate, and others at the full rate. If it's a feature that will be included in general distribution (eg. integration with Stripe payment process), then it will most likely be completed free of charge. If it's something that is exclusive to your operation and can not be used by other clients, then it will be charged at the full custom development rate. If it's something in the middle, it may be charged at a reduced rate.

      You will also receive 12 months of free support, server monitoring, and maintenance instead of the 3 months that future clients will receive. Plus a full 12 months of free upgrades, after which an optional smie-annual fee of $1200 will be charged in order to retain access to future upgrades. The upgrade retention fee is optional, and not paying it will not effect your existing online operation in any shape or form.

      So to recap, once Apex is 100% finalized and completed, new clients will receive approximately:

      • Initial purchase price of $10,000
      • 3 months of free customer support, server monitoring, and maintenance, after which a fee of $295/month.
      • 6 months of free upgrades, after which a semi-annual fee of $1500 to retain access to future upgrade releases.
      Purchase now, and you will receive:

      • Deposit of $2000, will immediately receive the plain text code base of the existing exchange platform, plus installation on your server.
      • $3000 upon completion of Apex, at which time you will receive the full plain text codebase of Apex exchange, plus installation on your server. This should take no longer than 3 weeks, at which time you will be ready to go live.
      • Integration of any public web site and member area theme you wish / find.
      • A full 12 months of customer support, server monitoring, and maintenance, after which a fee of $295/month will be charged.
      • A fully 12 months of access to upgrade releases, after which a smie-annual fee of $1500 will be charged.

      Distributor Program

      For those it may interest, we also have a full distributor / VAR (value added reseller) program available, allowing you to take advantage of and profit from our quality software systems and technical expertise. By becoming a distributor you will receive full access to our private repository with the plain text codebase of all commercial software packages, the ability to white label the software with your company name, and ability to reseller the software under any price and terms you wish. You will also have access to a white label anonymous support / communication portal that you can provide your clients access to if desired, allowing them to access our technical support resources and personnel while assuming it's your company providing the technical support.

      This also acts as a communications portal for all custom development projects your clients may require, allowing your clients to communicate directly with our developers, while allowing you to oversee the communication and development progression. You will initially consult with your clients to understand their needs, then submit a quote request from within the portal. Our team will review the sepcs, and response with a quote in terms of money and time, which you can then either approve or decline. If approved, development begins with all necessary parties involved in the communication threads, we will bill you directly for the development, and you bill your clients directly at any marked up rate you wish.

      If interested in learning more about the distributor program, please contact us at the information below.

      Contact Information

      If the above interests you, please contact me directly at Thank you for your time, and look forward to hearing from you.